Installation & Training

When purchasing equipment and software, Lladnar offers our customers a unique and personalized service.  All equipment can be delivered and installed depending on your location and specific needs.  Relevant training is also offered so as the customer is provided with a complete understanding of what they have purchased.

Software Support

Our experienced team can help with support to the vast range of label software packages on the market.  This service is available at no charge to all our customers by phone or email.

Repairs and Maintenance

Lladnar offers complete maintenance service for label printing machines.  This is usually carried out onsite by one of our reliable technicians.  We service a variety of brands including those from the United States, Germany and Japan.

Label Material Advice

Through the many years of hands-on experience in the industry, we have gained a great understanding of material types and adhesives to suit numerous applications in the market place.  We also have the resources of several leading international material suppliers, including a large product range and expertise.

Product Knowledge

At Lladnar we use in-house on a day-to-day basis the software applications and the equipment that we offer.  It is through this working knowledge that we can offer assistance and recommendations for all software and printing equipment required, and in the converting and printing of pressure sensitive labels and tags.